Part Time Motor Trade Occupations

There are a number of jobs and positions that can be done on part time basis within the motor trade sector. Below is sample of jobs and professions with a short over view of some of the advantages and disadvantages to compare whats available.

Part Time Car sales from Home - if you are selling cars from home then this can be an additional source of income. However there is strong competition from the likes of Arnold Clarke.  If you have any convictions then you will need information about motor trade insurance with convictions online as this could be an additional cost in running the business. Companies like Tradewise , Tradex DNA and  Unicom  can offer this cover at a  good price and sometimes with zero deposit based on the average cost which can assist when setting up a company. The certificate cost varies with age and post code. You can get an instant online quote if you complete an application form and forward it to a broker. Also if you are looking to start a business and you have a CCJ then this increase the cost particularly if you want an any driver policy. In a nutshell buying and selling cars from a home or from a premisescan be lucrative and provide a great income in the long term with good prospects year on year.

Part Time Mobile Mechanic - Depending on your experience as a mechanic and if you have a suitable vehicle then there are opportunities as a mobile mechanic on a part time basis. You can work direct to the public or through a dealership that provides you with the work. To have this explained click here. If you have some no claims bonus on your car the this may be used to get a discount on a traders policy. You will need a good set of tools as this is vital part of providing a breakdown and recovery service.  The main areas for this service is London Manchester and Birmingham as this is the locations with the highest vehicle density.  Customers can pay on a card or buy online depending on what repairs have been done.

Part time Administrator - Comparing  admin work within the motor trade there an numerous different rates of pay depending on location and Postcode. London for example if offer higher rates however the cost of living is much higher. The office e work in largely processing invoices and bills. Most traders will have software package that allows all the bills to be processed online and the data stored. This database will help a car sales business run smoothly and allow costs to be contained.

Part Time Motor trade Insurance broker -  this can also be done full time as there are specialists that provide cover for people that are young in age , or with points or have driving convictions like a DR10 or a CU80. If you they are self employed or a sole trader then they will need policies explained by an account executive to ensure the cost is not too expensive for convicted driver or a new driver. Providing online quotes with and without convictions and issuing certificates is an essential part of broking whether the individual works form home or a premises. Younger drivers with points can really cause issues as there have been large claims and high claims frequency with in this age group. There are numerous specialist policies with any driver, or a specific minimum age, or ones that cover modifies cars or they have an online Mid update options.

Part Time tyre Fitter - anyone can become a tyre fitter regardless of whether you are under 25 years old or over this age. Cars are becoming increasingly high performance and therefore the tyres wear out more quickly. How much time is spent on each job will determine the cost on a day basis. How does it work out if you cannot get the correct tyre that day and would you help with self drive hire business are questions that are asked on a regular basis. New venture or new start company’s will need lots of tyres particularly if the are in the haulage sector.

Part time delivery driver If you own a car and have it for personal use then you may consider delivery work if the price is right. You will need to do a price comparison and maybe complete a proposal form to get a rough price for road risk on cover.  Certain companies can offer work even if the driver has convictions and points such as SP10, SP20, or SP50. The drivers will need to declare all points and convictions before the work starts. There large number of options and HGV drivers are now becoming harder to find and employee.

These are just a few of the part time job available in the motor trade industry, some that require traders insurance and some that do not. These roles can be a sideline but often the can become full time roles