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Motor trade business
Find a motor trade deal online, but leave all the complicated parts to the brokers, so you can concentrate on your business

What are the benefits of contacting TradeWell for motor trade insurance online?

Getting a cheaper motor trade insurance online quote could not be easier. We not only know we can cater for your motor trade business because we have the widest possible coverage. Providing demonstration cover, specialist motorcycle traders insurance and part time mobile business cover. All thanks to working with all of the UK's top insurers and underwriters. It's probable we can deliver a cheaper quote than any of our rivals too. There's little point only offering standard trade insurance when niche is so sought after. Insuring US and Japanese imports alongside kit cars and providing under 25 insurance too.

What happens after I receive a motor trade insurance online quote?

Receiving a quick motor trade insurance online quote is only the start of the process. As long as you complete all the details and fill in the gaps on the telephone. You should be able to cover one vehicle or hundreds in one go. Thanks to a variety of databases such as MID, car manufacturer history and parts, criminal database and insurer specific stats, we are likely to have most of your details already. The complicated parts are all done by brokers, talking to underwriters to get the best deal. If requiring combined trade cover, we may need building certification and proof of trading receipts. The only thing left will be to drill down on specifics to see where we can further save you money on annual premiums.

When should I start shopping for a motor traders insurance premium online?

Even if your current traders insurance is yet to expire, by completing the motor trade insurance online quote form you can plan your expenditure. Calculating savings and where you can readjust elsewhere. Tips and advice are always on hand. Motortrade insurance policies benefit from being multi purpose. Goods in class grades differ, you may not need EU breakdown recovery and may not expect visitors to your premises. In which case public liability insurance could be reduced, all road risks may only apply. Should you have high value tools and equipment, these can be protected against fire, theft and damage. Multiple vehicle types can also be covered in a single policy and via one quote, but only to the value of the truck or car, not resale value.

To begin your Motor trade insurance online quote, click the link provided. Fill out your details and an informed motor trade broker will get back in touch straight away. We can secure your business future and have you covered immediately.