Compare Motor Trade Insurance

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There are advantages to letting a specialist broker compare motor trade insurance for your business

What types of insurance coverage should I compare for my business?

How do you best compare motor trade insurance online? With so many brokers and insurers it should surely be an easier task. That's not always true however, in a busy market all the different offers, policy particulars and exceptions can cloud judgement. If you buy, sell or repair vehicles for customers or your own fleet, you need a form of traders insurance by law. It also needs to include the correct level of sums value for public liability insurance. The rest can be pieced together and custom made for each individual company. While there are only really two options, all road risks or combined which will insure a motor trade business premises too. There are different aspects that could see you pay more and in most instances, a cheaper trader's policy.

What should I consider when comparing insurance policies for my niche motor trade business?

The market becomes slightly more muddied when exceptions start to be applied on use of vehicles and trading. This only affects a small number of applications. When you compare motor trade insurance you are asked to tell the truth. This is important, as if seeking under 25 insurance, restrictions may apply. High end luxury vehicles, sporty and high speed cars and high tonnage trucks may see your application rejected. Or at the very least, a monthly trade insurance premium so prohibitive it's financially unaffordable.

A similar situation can arise when you compare motor trade insurance quotes with convictions in mind. Records on databases tend to remain for several years but brokers do their best to request underwriters take other information and recent history into account. Where one part may cost more, the use of insurer supplied telematics and cam may offset such an increase.

Why should I consider using a specialist insurance broker to compare motor trade insurance?

When you enlist our free services, we compare motor trade insurance premiums on the detail hidden within. Goods in transit cover and the correct grade, replacement vehicles, loss of licence, engineering inspections. The age of your vehicles, employees and collective no claims bonuses. We leave no alternator unturned. Alongside online discounts, mileage offers, declining EU cover and arranging cover for tools and equipment against theft and fire. Don't struggle and try to compare motor trade insurance deals online yourself. Let an experienced broker handle all the policy particulars and talk directly with the UK's top underwriters. We understand the terminology, the insurance risks of each vehicle. With supportive information supplied by you, we can determine why a premium might be higher and work with you to get a cheaper quote for you.