Motor Trade Insurance With Premises

Policies from £39.25 Per Month

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Whether you your motor business' premesis is an office or a workshop, combining policies can save you money.

What do I need to insure on my motor trade premises?

Part time motor hobbyist going professional or have an existing company looking to renew all options? Cheaper motor trade insurance with premises policies are built in such a way that they are all encompassing. Some insurance products are off the shelf. Motor trade cover tends to be tailor made. Quite if everyone had the same particulars to be included, cost would be even but also unfair. Combined traders insurance protects everything on site, as opposed to all road risks which as you guessed is road specific. Tools and machinery inside and vehicles kept in the yard are all covered by one policy. As is the building itself as an optional cover, the walls, flooding and business interruption due to any of the above written in too.

What level of insurance policy do I need for my motor trade business' buildings and workshops?

It's an all inclusive policy that the best motor trade insurance with premises quote will cover contents and personal possessions of visitors and employees. As well as damage to any vehicles by cars and delivery trucks coming and going. It's a financial safe haven where the general public and employees are concerned. With a wide variety of liability insurance to exacting sums required by law. Such as public liability up to £10 million. Employer's liability, taking into account actions by staff and accidents with employees involved. Should you sell cars or repair and maintain customer vehicles, a sales and service indemnity to accepted values can also be supplied.

What are the benefits of having specialist insurance for my motor trade workshop?

A business is required to hold a form of Motor trade insurance with premises insurance by law, just like any vehicle owner with general insurance. There are benefits however which is why you have to be a trading entity to qualify and you may have to prove this through receipts. Perks may include free access to MID databases, free insurer giveaways to reduce monthly motor trade premiums; telematics, dashboard cam, software. Ability to use trade plates across multiple uninsured vehicles and insure personal cars and trucks by family members too.

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