Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

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Even with criminal convictions we can help you get an insurance policy optimal for your business

The laws for the roads in the UK make everyone a criminal the minute they step into their vehicle. The cheapest motor trade insurance with convictions is made cheaper because the government wins. Everyone is legally obliged to have a form of insurance which brings the cost down. What makes premiums higher is your personal risk calculation. Over 50% of the country's driving population has a criminal conviction at any one time. If you have a penalty point or two for speeding, SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40 or SP50. Don't worry you're not alone. We're not suggesting it's OK to speed, it's not, but the way cameras are positioned, taxation always wins.

Why does sharing all available information with your broker actually help to reduce your motor trade insurance quotation?

With TradeWell Motor trade insurance with convictions quotes we want you to win something back. The UK is one of many nations to offer an instantly accessible database for criminal driving history. Available to all insurers and brokers. Do please tell the truth upon application. Records can be kept for up to ten years, lesser convictions not as long but may still be taking into account. Failing to reveal previous convictions could well see you denied and is an offence itself. Drive down your prices today.     

What should I consider when applying for motor trade insurance after criminal convictions?

Because the law is so good, even if you have convictions, an insurer must still provide you with motor trade insurance with convictions in mind. It's the price that you pay that you need to compare and of course the exclusions. Your penalty points won't stop you getting EU breakdown recovery or have buildings and tools insured against fire and theft.

What practical steps can I take to reduce my premium after a criminal conviction?

If you have loss of licence issues then your motor trade insurance should have kicked in. While previous driving history does show a pattern, it doesn't mean you're a much higher risk. We may advise you take advanced driving courses. A court may have demanded you take certain schooling all over again or a National Speed Awareness Scheme. Tell the specialist with penalty insurance brokers at the time of applying.

Why is a tailor made motor trade insurance policy best with criminal convictions?

The different endorsements carry separate values of risk. Drink driving, drug related, licence issues, we can even get disqualified drivers insurance directly after the ban has passed. Give us a call today and get a cheap motor trade insurance with convictions policy in place to cover your business activity. Goods in transit cover, breakdown recovery, penalty points insurance. Your vehicle type, age will all be calculated in addition to the conviction whether spent or not.