Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

Find out how to save money even with penalty points.

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Even with criminal convictions we can help you get an insurance policy optimal for your business

The laws for the roads in the UK make everyone a criminal the minute they step into their vehicle. The cheapest motor trade insurance with convictions is made cheaper because the government wins. Everyone is legally obliged to have a form of insurance which brings the cost down. What makes premiums higher is your personal risk calculation. Over 50% of the country's driving population has a criminal conviction at any one time. If you have a penalty point or two for speeding, SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40 or SP50. Don't worry you're not alone. We're not suggesting it's OK to speed, it's not, but the way cameras are positioned, taxation always wins.

Why does sharing all available information with your broker actually help to reduce your motor trade insurance quotation?

With TradeWell Motor trade insurance with convictions quotes we want you to win something back. The UK is one of many nations to offer an instantly accessible database for criminal driving history. Available to all insurers and brokers. Do please tell the truth upon application. Records can be kept for up to ten years, lesser convictions not as long but may still be taking into account. Failing to reveal previous convictions could well see you denied and is an offence itself. Drive down your prices today.     

What should I consider when applying for motor trade insurance after criminal convictions?

Because the law is so good, even if you have convictions, an insurer must still provide you with motor trade insurance with convictions in mind. It's the price that you pay that you need to compare and of course the exclusions. Your penalty points won't stop you getting EU breakdown recovery or have buildings and tools insured against fire and theft.

What practical steps can I take to reduce my premium after a criminal conviction?

If you have loss of licence issues then your motor trade insurance should have kicked in. While previous driving history does show a pattern, it doesn't mean you're a much higher risk. We may advise you take advanced driving courses. A court may have demanded you take certain schooling all over again or a National Speed Awareness Scheme. Tell the specialist with penalty insurance brokers at the time of applying.

Why is a tailor made motor trade insurance policy best with criminal convictions?

The different endorsements carry separate values of risk. Drink driving, drug related, licence issues, we can even get disqualified drivers insurance directly after the ban has passed. Give us a call today and get a cheap motor trade insurance with convictions policy in place to cover your business activity. Goods in transit cover, breakdown recovery, penalty points insurance. Your vehicle type, age will all be calculated in addition to the conviction whether spent or not.

What convicted drivers can do to save money on their business insurance

Whether you have a serious conviction or a minor offence, whether you have 6 points or even 12 points, or have been refused cover pending an unspent criminal conviction , there is usually one or two insurers that will provide bespoke cover . There are various ways that with the right help anyone can find an affordable policy and get the certificate you need. Listed below are few things that can help drivers with convictions to find the right cover and reduce what they pay each year.

Ensure your premises is fully secure If you have premises you may opt to get a combined policy. This will cover your vehicles and your premises/machinery.
These are ideal for new ventures, however, if you have a conviction e.g. drink drive conviction. It will help the Insurer to apply a discount whether you are working full time or part time.

Pay your premium annually This helps reduce the cost on the policy. In certain case you will require proof of trading If you can’t pay in full, the bigger the deposit the better.This will allow the insurance company to take a view on the motoring conviction and apply an online discount which will reduce the cost of running your business.

Find numerous quotes from Insurers Getting numerous quotes will allow you to compare and look at the features and benefits that each policy offers.
If you have any no claims bonus it will help lower the price of your traders cover and make your new venture affordable and competitive in the Motor Market.

Why do I need to use a Specialist Broker?

Listed below are some of the benefits and advantages of getting your Commercial Insurance via a Broker when you have motoring convictions.

To find the cheapest deal or offer available The Broker can explain your circumstances and the reason you incurred your conviction and explain whether the conviction is still pending or spent.
Every driver and every convicted driver has a unique set of circumstances and it is the best idea to allow the Broker to negotiate with the Insurer on your behalf.

To ensure that you get a bespoke policy You might be looking for a combined policy or just road risk only, you might have several younger drivers or drivers with a DR10.
The Broker will explain everything and accept responsibility for providing the right cover. The Broker can help prevent being refused insurance and ensure a smooth process for a new start up business.

Expert Motor advice Certain Brokers only do commercial traders insurance and therefore their staff have the knowledge and understanding to quote you exactly what you need.
Anyone can ring to get a quote regardless of the serious nature and whether they are going to court for their conviction. They can also guide you on the financial side to get an online discount, cheap finance or possible even a zero deposit.

Why will a conviction alter the cost of my Policy?

Insurance for drivers that have convictions like drink driving DR10 or totting up a TT99 will generally pay higher prices as the risk is greater to the insurer.
This problem can be made worse if a young driver is looking to get car insurance , somebody under 25 years old for example, then the costs can really ramp up.
There are well known insurers e.g. Tradex , Aviva , Direct Line that specialise in any driver with convictions cover for young people.

What will it cost me? There are a few factors that will alter how much is paid for insurance.
These are: how severe your conviction is, how big your business is and whether it is run from premises or from home.
Also, the type of business you run. E.g. whether you just buy and sell cars, or whether you carry out MOT’s and do general car servicing.


What happens if you have a criminal conviction and you’re looking for motor trade insurance?

Information About Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

In the United Kingdom, it is shockingly easy to obtain a criminal conviction. You could have been caught speeding or charged with drunk driving. Regardless of the gravity of your convictions, you've paid your dues and attempted to make amends.

Unfortunately, this has an influence on your ability to find low-cost motor trade insurance. In rare situations, you will be denied insurance and hence unable to work in the automotive trade. In other circumstances, your insurance premium is exorbitant. As a result, you can still work, but your insurance costs way too much. It's extremely aggravating if you have a conviction for a single error.
With that in mind, here are some simple steps to follow if you have driving convctions or criminal convictions and want to save money on your motor trade insurance:

Declare all your convictions

You may be required to reveal your convictions to the broker while seeking motor trade insurance. It depends on whether or not they have been 'spent.' A spent conviction is usually not significant and disappears after a set period of time. If this period has elapsed, which you should be aware of, the conviction does not need to be disclosed. If a motor trade insurance provider uses a spent claim to raise your rate, they are breaking the law!
All previous convictions, however, must be declared. A complete list of all the different codes for the various convictions may be found here. When making your declaration, you will need to know the codes. This is necessary in order to provide the most accurate results when comparing motor trade insurance. Otherwise, you may be enticed by a wonderful deal only to discover that it is significantly more expensive when the insurer discovers you have convictions.

Taking Positive Action

This certainly implies that you are taking steps to improve your circumstances and may be a pay as go policy is the answer for you. In essence, you want to demonstrate to insurers that your convictions are now in the past and no longer pertain to you. At Traders Insurance, we recognise that every situation is unique. This is why we provide motor trade insurance based on individual merit rather than an aggregate view of convictions.
Here are a few steps you can take to reduce your insurance premium:

  • If you have been convicted of speeding, you must take a speed awareness course.
  • To become a safer  and better driver, take further driving lessons or enrol in additional driving courses.
  • Follow any court orders issued as a result of your conviction.

We believe that your history should not be used to determine your current insurance rate and that it is not a specific reason for you to file a claim now or in the future. We believe that each case should be evaluated on its own merits. Every customer is evaluated based on their unique circumstances in order to find you the best motor trade insurance for your needs.
When looking for insurance, always supply all information regarding any convictions on your license; the insurer will verify, and failure to disclose this information may render your coverage null and void in the event of a claim.
If you would like to know more about motor trade insurance when you have convictions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Traders Insurance today.ermore, it is advantageous if you have a recent track record of success. If you were convicted a few years ago and haven't had any other problems since this will work in your favour. Similarly, if you had a spotless record before and after the incident, it indicates that it was more of a failure in judgement than anything else.If you are a convicted driver in need of motor trade insurance, please contact us right away. We can talk about your circumstances and provide you with some tips on how to make things more inexpensive.
Things can sometimes be a learning curve, and we learn by getting things wrong the first time and getting them right the second time. This can make it difficult to obtain motor trade insurance if you have convictions on your driving record or if you have any other non-motoring difficulties.
It's possible that you work in the automotive industry and have made a few mistakes and learned from them. If you need more information and advice when working from home we are here to help  You may have a DR10 (drunk driving) or a CU80 (driving while using a mobile phone) and have been rejected for motor trade insurance by many firms.