Full Time Motor Trade Insurance

Policies from £39.25 Per Month

Motor trade transaction
There is a lot to think about when your business is growing from part time to full time, let a motor traders insurance broker help you with comparisons, so you can concentrate on your business transactions

When your business is growing there is lots to think about, and upgrading your motor traders insurance is essential

Our brokers have the knowledge and experience to compare full time motor trade insurance quotes in an instant. Going from part time and an hobby interest to moving into premises and expanding is a stressful time. Put your feet up and allow us to find the correct traders insurance for your new enterprise. After completing our quick motor trader's quote form, the process begins. Your details will be instantly matched to several databases. Pooled insurer's information, driving history, MID and criminal history. Chosen postcode tallied for theft and accidents on route. With vehicle manufacturer and historic parts database, business activity all calculated on the fly.

How can insurance broker can help you find a policy which changes with your growing business?

There's actually very little a broker has to do get all your info on screen. Though the best full time motor trade insurance policy is built manually. The most important factor is chatting to the underwriters at the UK's top insurers to get you the best deal. We do the leg work while you concentrate on your business. Not only now but in the future, offering the best promotions and deals to keep you on board. Whether you're opening up a new car showroom, a car valeter, a mobile mechanic or running an MOT centre. The parts of the policy are already being customised and tailored to your needs. We ensure the correct class of goods in transit, include replacement vehicle options, allow for EU breakdown recovery free days and bundle in insurer software and telematics for additional Full time motor trade insurance discounts.

What are the main differences between part time and full time motor traders insurance?

Changing from Part time to Full time motor trade insurance premiums is not a difficult process. Most that do go fully professional do need a building to operate from. In which case you'll be offered combined motor trade insurance for full time work. This new clause will require higher values of public liability cover, services and sales need indemnity insurance if parts malfunction. Any new building application comes with an engineering inspection to make sure it is sound. If shared, partners and any rental let owners can be added also.

To compare full time motor trade insurance quotes and get documents in your possession today, vehicles and buildings all fully secured and insured. Complete the brief enquiry form and a quote will wing its way to you. A broker will attempt to call you immediately to secure the cheapest trade insurance quote for either monthly, annually or more irregular payments.