Motor Trade Insurance From Home

Just working part time then see whats on offer here.

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Even if you work part time, there are important insurance considerations to make when running your motor business from home

Do I need motor trade insurance if I work from home?

Some of the largest businesses in the world began from a garage or attic. We supply competitive motor trade insurance from home policies for all manner of hobbyists, new starts up, entrepreneurs and fully fledged part time businesses. Whether you wish to stay small or grow and move into premises we will be with you every step of the way. This cover is available if you buy, sell, flip - even for a second, drive client's vehicles or maintain vehicles from your home address. You are required by law to have a form of motor trade insurance in place to protect your investments as assets as well as the well being of other people.

What are the benefits of specialist insurance for my small home motor trade business?

While it's an expense you can well do without. Allow us to compare motor trade insurance from home monthly premiums on your behalf and we'll whittle down all policy particulars in quick time. Having insured every niche business from antique car restorers, Ebay car flippers, mobile mechanics and on call breakdown recovery agents. It's a practical certainty that should an accident occur, tools get stolen or a person injured, that the correct public liability insurance will be accessible. Any work you do on a vehicle, parts replacement can also receive cover. This clause is termed indemnity insurance. Whether upgrading a prestige car or simply replacing an alternator on a popular BMW, a full legal team is ready to act as prosecution and defence.

If I only work part time from home, do I still need specialist motor trade insurance for my self-employed business?

It's not a problem if you have a full time job and the quick motor trade insurance from home cover is only for a few hours a week. In fact, that's exactly what this policy was designed for. Cover for tools left in the garage, expensive machinery stored in a car overnight. All tailored and custom built with all road risks cover. The perk of course is that you get to ensure your personal vehicles even if they're only used momentarily for business activity. Be aware however that existing home contents and buildings insurance providers need to know about your business activities inside your home.

To get cheap motor trade insurance from home quotes and covered by the end of the day and often quicker, get in touch. Either complete our quick enquiry form for an instant quote, or call one of our brokers for help, tips and advice on how to insure your assets and vehicles for less. Monthly premiums need not be costly but unfortunately you do need this insurance legally.

Tips For Starting Up A Motor Trade Business From Home

Are you thinking about starting a motor trade business from home?
Have a look at these tips.

If you're considering a career in the motor trade, working from home as a motor trader will give you a taste of what it's all about without committing all of your time and money.

Before you do anything else, you'll need to figure out what kind of business you want to start. There are numerous options available, ranging from sales to repairs and maintenance. You might theoretically combine multiple components, such as repairing automobiles and then selling them but remember to play to your strengths to maximise your chances of success.

Can I get a traders policy if I work from home only

Remember that deciding what your part-time motor trade business will perform will help you choose the suitable work from home motor trade insurance for it, ensuring that your new business is properly insured and protected.

Where Will You Be Working?

You'll need to pick where you'll operate once you've decided which area of the automobile trade industry you wish to enter. This will be determined by the nature of your business; for example, if you sell cars, you will require a storage facility. If you work from home, you may have a separate working space for items like automobile storage.
Although your driveway may be large enough to accommodate a few cars, this may limit the growth of your motor trade business due to a lack of space to expand your stock, and parking your stock on the roads near your home may result in a higher Motor Trade insurance cost.


Once you've selected what type of business you'll operate and where you'll do it, you'll need to do some research to learn as much as possible about the market you'll be entering. You could start by compiling a list of rivals. If you have acquired a conviction you will need proper advice. Examine how they function, what they have to offer, who their customers are, where they are located, and when they are open.
Second, shop around for the greatest bargains by comparing vendors based on price, quality, and delivery time. Finally, figure out who your target market is, what their wants are, how much they're ready to pay, and how you might reach out to them.

Name Your Business

You don't have a business if you don't have a name. You'll want to name your company something memorable. Take a look at what your competitors call themselves and utilise that as a starting point. Make sure no one else is using the name you choose on the internet.

Create A Business Plan

If you don't prepare, you'll prepare to fail, as the old adage says. Create a business plan after researching the sector. It may be a difficult process, but it is necessary for the success of your part-time motor trade business.
What costs you will pay for setting up your part-time motor trade business, such as running costs and your motor trade insurance premium, can be included in your business plan.

Protect Your Motor Trade Business

It makes no difference whether you work full-time or part-time in the automobile trade; you must insure your business because it is a legal necessity. It can be difficult to determine what level of coverage is required for your home motor trade business, so consulting a motor trade insurance broker like Traders Insurance can help.
Traders Insurance, as a specialist in motor trade insurance, has a thorough understanding of the market and can assist you in determining the right coverage for your needs. To learn more, speak with an expert, or receive a quote.